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Ankerwechsel invites you to take a pause, look around and engage in dialogue. Loudly, the indie publishing house opposes the pace and the fast moment: Stroll, now! For the Hello-book series, founder Harriet Dohmeyer travels to a city for a month as a photographer and journalist, interviews founders, captures photo reports and consciously lets herself drift. Back in Hamburg, she and her team collect pictures, owner-run shops, subculture and personal stories in a book. The result: design- and image-rich travel companions for anyone who wants more than just a fast-moving travel guide. Furthermore, Ankerwechsel offers limited edition photo prints on open natural papers and art postcards. All products are printed locally and climate neutrally in Hamburg, St. Pauli – just around the corner from the publishing house office.

You can buy our first English book „Hello Amsterdam: 27 Tips on cafés, culture and more“ in our online-shop – perfect for your order from Europe. For worldwide shipping, check out the online shop Coffee Table Mags!

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